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About Audrey

I began my clay practice as a hobby in the early 1990's, taking classes and workshops in Calgary during the evenings and weekends.   Although I loved clay, my life was very busy and it was becoming difficult to find the necessary time to really explore and develop my clay practice.


In 2001 I left my clay work to focus on my career and busy family.  I re-started my clay practice in 2016 when I retired.  I now have a small clay studio at my home west of Okotoks Alberta.  I also study under the guidance of David Barnes of Eversfield Ceramics in Black Diamond.

Recent Work


In 2020 and 2021 I have been exploring more sculptural pieces and new (to me) alternative firing techniques which allows the process of firing to determine the final result.   This randomness has a beauty and depth which fascinates me.  Although there have been many failures, there have also been a few surprises and happy accidents.  

Each season brings a new palate and a renewed perspective on the work here in the studio.

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