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Month, Year, Title


Wheel thrown, hand built etc.   Any other process used  eg. Maquettes, Armitures, molds, casting etc.  Add any pics or videos of the process if appropriate.

Surface Treatment / Glazing

Glaze (s) used, Burnishing, Terra sig, Slips , decals, scrafitto or any other surface preparation. Add any pics or videos of the processes if appropriate.

Bisque Firing

Kiln used, Firing schedule, final cone or temp reached .  Add any pics or videos of the firing process if appropriate.

Final Firing

Kiln used, firing schedule, final cone or temp reached.  Add any pics or videos of the process.

Add Video Title here
Materials Used

Clay used, any clay additives or colourants 

Firing Materials

Saggar or sawdust or pit firing materials used.  Add pics of any products which might be special for this project.


Any final results worth noting here.   Pics or videos of the final products.


Add any comments of what you would change for future work.  Any insights or ideas for future exploration. etc.

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