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2023 Workshops

May 6th and 7th

2 Day Alternative Firing Workshop

Eversfield Ceramics Studio, Creston BC

Old and New come together in this two day workshop exploring the fundamentals of saggar and obvara firing. 

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June 10th

1 Day Obvara Firing Workshop

Audrey Stamm Pottery Studio 

Just east of Millarville , Alberta

This 1 Day, hands on workshop will explore the fundamentals of Obvara firing.  

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August 19th and 20th

1 Day Horsehair Raku Firing Workshop

Open Farm Days - Red Deer Alberta

Come join folks at this Red Deer farm and learn about Local Alberta food production, ceramic arts and crafts.

This 1 day workshop is offered both on the 19th and 20th and will focus on horsehair raku firing.

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September 9th

1 Day Traditional Raku Firing Workshop

Audrey Stamm Pottery Studio

Foothills, Alberta

This 1 day workshop will lead you through the process and tools/glazes to create traditional Raku surfaces for your work. 

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